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Live Steel

Warfare and combat have been common in human civilization for most of our known history, but few cultures are known so prominently by their combat habits than the Vikings.

While the majority of people in Viking Age Scandinavia were peaceful farmers, craftsmen, and traders, indeed the raiding and conquering of Viking warriors defined the beginning and end of this age. At Vikings of Vulksgaard, live steel combat is one of many living history aspects that we explore. Those interested in learning combat should apply to become members and indicate your interest.

Combat Style

We use what is commonly known as the “Western style” live steel combat. While fighting we want to “kill” our friends, not injure our friends. So while motions are non-choreographed, they are practiced, controlled, and force is limited to avoid damage. Strike zones are limited to the torso, legs above the knees, and arms above the elbows.

Strikes to the head, face, neck, arms at elbow and below, legs at knee and below, hands, and groin are strictly forbidden (shown above in red). Fight nice, kids.

Requirements for Fighters

  • All fighters must also be full reenacting members and have period accurate garb both on and off the battlefield.
  • Any modern padding must be completely hidden by period garb.
  • Minimum required armor equipment to begin fighting includes approved fight gloves, helmet, and groin cup.
  • A shield is required for certain weapon uses.
  • Minimum required weapon equipment to begin fighting includes one of either:
    • seax
    • hand ax
    • spear
    • sword (swords are discouraged as being your only weapon)

All weapons must be approved by the Vikings of Vulksgaard High Council as being blunt-edged enough and of combat worthy quality. We suggest asking before making a purchase to avoid buying something you cannot use.

This page was written by:
Justin (Langr), Vikings of Vulksgaard Fight Captain, Senior Member, High Council Member and total bro