Vikings of Vulksgaard is a Viking Age living history group of volunteers, craftspeople, and friends.

Our History

Originally called North East Ohio Vikings (or NEOVik for short), Vikings of Vulksgaard was founded by our Jarl, Tristan (Finngrom) in 2001 after being inspired by reenactors while visiting a walking-thru-time event in The Pococnos Mountains in Pennsylvania.

He rounded up some history buff friends and found a beautiful site that we call Vulkgaard, which is where we get our name. Vulksgaard is located in Austinburg, Ohio and has seen many historical events throughout the years as our family has steadily grown.

At Vulksgaard you will find yourself surrounded by a close-knit family made up of craftspeople, military veterans, historians, musicians, artists, and just plain old nerds. Many of us take part in reenacting Viking Age live steel combat with real, blunted weapons. Whether we fight, cook, or craft, we all have the same mission: to educate and dispel the misconceptions surrounding the Vikings.

The media often portrays the Vikings as dirty, leather-clad Danes wearing horned helmets and IKEA sheepskin rugs. The truth is while they were notorious warriors and pirates, they were also gifted craftspeople and traders from all over the North Atlantic with a wide range of identity and skill, much like the members of our group today.

In the spirit of historical accuracy and to honor the real Vikings of old, we invite everyone of all backgrounds to come and join us.

Find us on Facebook or Instagram or contact us here to get more info or find out about our upcoming events. We can’t wait to go a-viking with you!

Tristan (Finngrom) is the reason we are all doing this

Early group photo with old blood wolf

Jim (BrannSonn), one of our skilled crafters, works on tablet weaving at an event

The only thing Vikings like doing more than fighting is cooking and eating. These are facts.

This page was written in cooperation by:

Tristan (Finngrom)
is the founder and jarl of Vikings of Vulksgaard. He is also a talented chef and actor.

Genevieve (Gyða) is a long-time member as a crafter, storyteller, and seiðkona at Vulksgaard. She is also a writer and published author.